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AutoCAD projects for a multi-storey family residential house

Autocad projects for family home plans with full details. These projects can be used as design ideas that the student can be inspired from and be a path for him in the process of distributing spaces, furniture and architectural openings. The detailed halls attached to the plans show the thickness of the walls and the slope of the ceiling the raw materials manufactured from them are as follows:
- Design a family house on an area of 170 square meters with all its details from floor plans, sections and height details, the house has four views with ten bedrooms, the house width is 9.5 meters and the length is 18 meters

-Four AutoCAD designs for various floor plans, sections, heights and structural details for the architecture that was constructed on an area of 130 square meters with 5 bedrooms and a large garage

AutoCAD projects for a family residential home can be downloaded from here