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If you want to know and learn the secrets of the details of the stairs, AutoCAD for the different shapes of the types of stairs, you can use these models and contain:

-Multi Storey Staircase Design Structural detail of R.C.C. Staircase for Multi storey building. Showing Plan and sectional elevation design.

 - AutoCAD details of building the architectural stairs for a multi-storey building with details of all floor plans and sections.

- AutoCAD file details of RC staircase structure for multi-storey building. View various floor plans and sectional details of stairs with r.c.c.

Wooden Staircase Sectional Detail DWG File : Autocad Drawing of a staircase. It has been designed in wooden ply board steps made in MS Angle and centrally supported by MS Tube, which is supporting the staircase as central beam. Drawing contains staircase plan and all sectional and fixing detail.

We hope that these files will be sufficient to understand all the small and large details in the design of stairs and study them constructively. They can be used and downloaded in full from here.