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Concrete Formwork Removal Time & Specifications

Formworks are temporary structures (moulds) used at site to maintain the shape of the structural members like slab, beam, column and to help placing the concrete in desired form.
 It is usually removed after the primary hardening of concrete poured.
Time For Removal Time Of Formwork
you can see the formwork removal time for beams and slabs is more comparatively. The above mentioned time varies based on the type of cement used.
S.No Structural Member Time of Removal
1 Walls, columns and vertical sides of beam 24 - 48 hours
2 Slabs ( props left under) -3 days
3 Beam soffits (props left under) -7 days
4 Removal of props to slabs
Span<= 4.5m · Span > 4.5m
- 7 days
- 14 days
5 Removal of props to beams and arches
Span<=6m · Span >6m
- 14 days
-21 days

Factors Affecting Removal Time Of Formwork
The removal time of formworks is affected by various factors like
-Type of concrete used: 
-There are many concrete types available and the based on the materials
Quality of materials used.
-The temperature at site:  The formwork removal time is more in cold weather and it is less in hot weather concreting.
-Curing: The type of curing and the rate at which it is done influences the development of strength in concrete.
-Exposure condition: severe exposure conditions can result in slow development of strength in concrete thus delaying the formwork removal time.
In addition to the above factors there is another important criteria which is based on the stresses and load applied on the concrete while removal, thus the formwork removal can be done only after the concrete attains considerable strength approximately twice the load implied during removal.