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Unique small townhouse floor plans and designs

The topic contains two AutoCAD projects for plans for family homes consisting of two floors and in full detail. These projects can be used as design ideas that the student can be inspired by and be a path for him in the process of distributing spaces, furniture and architectural openings. The detailed halls attached to the plans are as follows:
4 Bedroom dual living house plans
Double story House design, floor plans, elevations and sections with four bedrooms that constructed on 120 meters square area, The house contains Garge and mini kitchen from front
House width is 8 meters
House length is 15 meters
It is Unique double story very small house design with architectural and structural details, House width is 4.5 meters and length is 13 meters.

House area is about 59 meters square but designed as a great house because in two stories contains two normal bedrooms and one master bedroom on the first floor also with Living room, Kitchen, Patio and Salon in the ground floor.

AutoCAD projects for a family residential home can be downloaded from here