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The application helps you a lot in modifying or creating Plan

DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer An application that helps you greatly modify or create charts and is specially designed for designers, architects and engineers and can be useful for them in their different movements and is very similar to Autodesk 360 application provided by Autodesk.
The system has the ability to view, edit, update and share AutoCAD drawings, and works on different formats DWG / DXF / DWF and allows you to download the files on your phone and brought from various sources of cloud DropBox, beautiful ... so you can open any file when you are near the site , And this feature currently works with Apple iPhone, iPad and Android phones.
One of the most important strengths of the application is the ease of editing on the drawings, since it is available on various icons drawing lines, circles, Polylines and also drawing Talati creativity.
DWG FastView-CAD Plan Viewer application