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4 of the best Android apps for Augmented Reality

In this article, we will address Augmented Reality from a practical application angle, until the image is complete with the reader,
Here's a selection of the best Android apps that will bring the best in enhanced reality technology to your mobile phones and tablets.
1-Aurasma is the leading application in the Augmented Reality industry, which will inevitably change the way millions of people look at the world and how they interact with it. Aurasma allows you to create and share your enhanced reality experiences in an easy, simple, and interesting way.
2-Layar Layar can be used to scan printed materials such as magazines, maps, brochures ... and those that have been enriched and enhanced with enhanced reality additions, allowing you to interact with reality in a whole new way.

3- Google Goggles This app turns your Android device into an integrated and informative encyclopedia of things around you. Just pinpoint your device's camera on a graphic, a famous landmark, or even a popular product or image. Goggles provides you with information Task them, if any in their database.
Goggles can read texts written in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, and translate them into other languages.
 -4 Field Trip This app is your guide to finding exotic, unique things in the world around you.
Field Trip works on the back of your phone and as soon as you get close to something interesting, a card pops up on your phone or tablet screen to show important details about that thing, without any interference from you. Even more, if you have a headset or Bluetooth headset connected to the device, the app can read the information for you.