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Cobiax Slab Bubble Installation System

slab  Cobiax Slab: Excellent roofing system, Used as an alternative to conventional construction systems and reduced concrete and rebar in construction.
These tiles are of the type Ball = Double deck slab
Cobiax is a unique roofing system, used as an alternative to traditional structural systems. Occupies a place in roofs to remove dead and inefficient loads in concrete, which reduces the amount of concrete and reinforcement in the construction.
Cobiax also distinguishes concrete quantities by 99% due to fully closed Cobiax models. In addition to the many benefits provided by the presence of the cage that contains the problems of the vacuum.
System features:
* Technical advantages (reduction of concrete and iron quantities, reduction of columns, distances between columns up to 20 meters)
* Reduce seismic forces by 20%
* Speed of implementation
* Provide in building materials and time
This type of tile can be used on site or in the plant or partially poured into the plant (bottom) and topical plant.
A new building system that provides more than 35% of the lowest regular building systems
- Free planning and distribution of spaces inside the building
- Wide areas up to 20 m
- Flat bottom without beads
- Reduce the area of sections of structural elements carrying 40%