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waffle slab or Flat Grid Advantages & Dis-advantages

Waffle pod slabs are widely used as the preferred slab system by many builders, whilst many people have heard of a waffle pod slab few actually know what one is.
waffle slab or Flat Grid Advantages & Dis-advantages 
I- Advantages: 
• Waffle slabs are able to carry heavier loads and span longer distances than flat slabs as these systems are light in weight.
 • Suitable for spans of 7m – 16m ; longer spans may be possible with posttensioning. 
• It is also economical as the amount of concrete and steel is reduced as compared to flush slabs. Saving 15% concrete and 10% steel as compared to traditional T beams. 
• These systems are light in weight and hence considerable saving is ensured in the framework as light framework is required. 
• Coffered underside is usually left exposed for visual appearance. 
 II- Dis-advantages: 
• Construction requires strict supervision and skilled labour. 
• The casting forms or moulds required for pre- cast units are very costly and hence only economical when large scale production of similar units are desired. 
• Headroom is reduced , hence increased storey height. 
• Due to waffle ceiling , it creates problem in lighting facilities and hanging pipes or ducts.