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Create a project template and draw even faster with this amazing apps

For fans of drawing or those working in design in general, Concepts is a very good application that combines the user with the capabilities of free technical drawing and the accuracy of engineering drawing through an easy to use interface that is aesthetically designed to help the designer or painter to produce his ideas and share them with others quickly,
The app has some additional features for setting curves and the like.
Create a project template and draw even faster 
The application supports many useful features including multi-touch and the ability to export results in many practical and accessible formats that can be used easily in engineering and design programs including SVG and CAD,
The application allows the coloring of paintings as well as sharing them across various social networks, knowing that some features inside it require purchase to get them.
The Concepts app is available for Android users as well as iPhone devices
It allows the user to take advantage of him in digital drawing and create illustrations known as Sketches, so that you can simply open the device and start drawing and use many different tools directly , It can be downloaded via Concepts