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Construction method of a curved concrete wall

The concrete wall serves to retain the remaining soil in AN elevated and sloping area.
A concrete wall is typically created of solid concrete, however concrete blocks may also be wont to get eliminate overpriced masonry work, particularly once it has to be bent. Below are some helpful pointers for building a retaining wall with a curve by yourself.
Step 1 - Organize the area
The concrete retaining wall must be installed in a trench. Mark the area with stakes, then tie a string among them. Calculate the length of the implanted area and specify the desired height of the concrete retaining wall.
Based on these numbers, purchase the amount of blocks that meets your needs.
- Calculate the width of the blocks
- complete the demarcation task in your area by staking the width
- finish the length for a 3D representation.
Tamp the site and check the depth. Make the necessary changes. Drop a single layer of gravel, then stuff it unless it becomes level.

Step 2 - Place blocks
As soon as the trench is cleaned and excavated, the blocks must be arranged accordingly. Place the first block in the trench, make sure it is firm against the sides. Also check to maintain a proper level. If this is not the case, hit it gently with the mallet unless it becomes level.
Step 3 – Make Cuts
As the concrete retaining wall is built on a curve, it is necessary to modify the concrete blocks to fit the curve. The chain will serve as a guide to check where the curves are and how far your block is. Using a marker, follow the curvature of the string on the block. Detach the block from the trench.
Step 4- Strengthen the fundamentals
Fill the area where the wall is found, unless the soil is firmly packed round the base. Pour gravel into the centers of the block so it's halfway up. organize the second level of blocks, certify they're at identical level which they match those below. Cut them to suit pro re nata and fill them with gravel. Repeat the method unless the specified height is reached, then shut the blocks.