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construction new Plastic Road: Improving the Durability and Lifespan of Our Roads

VolkerWessels is a Dutch construction firm that is preparing to build a PlasticRoad. these new roads building a road out of plastic is significantly faster, and (at least in theory) could take as little as just a few weeks.
Advantages and risks
- PlasticRoad also allows for easy infrastructure upgrades, as the road is hollow, which enables city planners to run pipes and wires inside the road itself.  and road's hollow cavities may also be useful in draining floodwater in the event of rainstorms.
-There are however, concerns about the plastic roads Environmentally,  that the plastic may leach into the soil and harm the local flora.  The road's components are also somewhat volatile,  and the materials engineers responsible for the plastic road will need to create a safeguard or additional waterproof layer that prevents leaching and exposure to chemicals.