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12 technical terms about reinforcement They should be known

12 technical terms about reinforcement They should be known
1: Concrete Cover for Reinforcement it is the distance b/w steel surface and nearest outer surface of concrete structure.
Concrete cover for different RCC members:
Battery, Pile Cap, Footing = 75 mm
Underground column, Underground shear wall, Underground beam = 65 mm
Column above ground, shear wall above ground, beam above ground = 40 mm
Slab underground = 50 mm
Staircase, slab above ground = 20 mm
2: Unit weight of the steel bar
The site manager must know the unit weight of the steel, we gave the weight of the steel for different diameters of steel.
Ø bar 8 mm - 0,12 kg / ft
Bar ø 10 mm - 0,19 kg / ft
Bar Ø 12 mm - 0,27 kg / ft
Bar Ø 16 mm - 0.48 kg / ft
Bar Ø 20 mm - 0,75 kg / ft
Bar Ø 25 mm - 1,25 kg / ft
3: turn in the compression zone
4: Lapping for tension: the steel must be lapped for the tension zone with 40d where (d) is the diameter of the steel bar
5: Requires a folding wire to bind a ton of MS bar, 7 to 13 kg of binding wire is required.
6: Standard length of Mild steel bar is 40′
7: Use Minimum 4 No’s of steel in Square column and 6 No’s for circular column
8: Hook’s Angle of Stirrup is 135°.
9:  Bend for Vertical Bar of Column vertical column bars are called longitudinal bars, and bend is provide at one end of longitudinal bar with the angle of 90 degree and then length should be not less than 18 inches.
10: End Hook for Longitudinal Bar of Beam should be with 90 degree
11: Hook’s Length of Stirrup should be not less than 3inches
12: Maximum Lap in a Zone:  use more than 50% lapping zone in any RCC structure.