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Method construction of a bridge

Method construction of a bridge : The bridges are mainly designed in box construction and assembled with straight or constant curved shapes, with a constant radius. Beam sections in caissons 15 to 30 meters from the bridge deck are fabricated at one end of the deck under factory conditions. Each section is made in about a week.
The first part of the launch pad is not made of concrete, but consists of a reinforced sheet metal beam, which corresponds to about 60% of the span of a bridge span and reduced. cantilevered.
Bridge deck sections slide on plain bearings, stainless steel-coated concrete blocks and reinforced elastomer pads.

Different Methods of Bridge Construction
Described below are the different methods employed in the construction of bridges.
1. Cast-in-situ Method of Bridge Construction
This method is a flexible method of bridge construction where complex and unusual geometric shapes of dams can be easily constructed.
2. Balanced Cantilever Method of Bridge Construction
This method is used for constructing bridges with span 50 to 250m.
4. Span by Span Casting method of Bridge Construction
it is considered as most economic and rapid in construction.
used For long bridges and viaducts with an individual span up to 60m, the method is feasible.
5. Incremental Launching Method of Bridge Construction

This animation simulates the construction of a bridge by incremental launch method.