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The amazing program in surveying land and spaces

Now anyone who owns iPhone or iPad can calculate the space of any land anywhere you are in a very fast time and it is undoubtedly important for everyone interested in this area and others. Measure Map Pro The amazing program in the survey of land and space saves you time And the effort to calculate the area of any land or land group at the same time with a fixed account accuracy. The program enables you to send results and images directly via e-mail or posted on the sites and can export information via iTunes and DropBox.
The "Map Map" program on iPhone and iPad uses Google Maps to calculate distance, area and circumference up to 1m.
Simply place the pointer over the starting point on the map and add the selection points, with the ability to select different units of measurement, change the color and thickness of the selection line, send and receive information using e-mail, iTunes, etc. It can be obtained from the play store
You can also visit the official website to apply for paid and other free copies here from measuremapapp