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4 applications must be owned by the architect in his phone

ArchDaily has compiled statistics for the top ten architectural applications, and after collecting the results, he presented four applications that the Architect must have on his phone.
We start from the fourth app until the first ...
4 iRhino 3D: With this application you can see 3D designs easily and with high quality. By touching the screen you can move or enlarge the designs. This application is for iPhone and iPad and you can download it from Apple Store.
3 Sketchbook: This application is an Autodesk's Sketchbook product. With this application you can design and sketch Sketch, and this application uses layers in the design so you can modify the design and drawing easily.This application is available in Google Play for Android devices, as well as for iOS in the Apple Store.
2 Morpholio: One of the most beautiful and practical applications, designed by five architects, this application searches all your designs and business models and the information obtained by one model shows your style of design, this application is very practical for those who want to provide a model for a company or Shows them their own style of design, and this application will greatly benefit you in criticizing the effects and methods of design others. This app is available free of charge for Apple iOS, and you can download directly from the Apple Store.
1 AutoCad WS: The list of applications that must be owned by the architect architect AutoCad WS, you can design and modify the design easily to benefit from this application and you can share your design with others.
 it's free for all Android devices and iOS. You can download the software now for the Android system from Google Play Store, and download the iOS version of Apple from the Apple Store.