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Easy to use CAD application designed for small drafting projects

PadCAD is an easy-to-use CAD application designed for small design projects such as house extensions, small renovation projects and site surveys. With PadCAD, anyone can create clean, crisp drawings and export them to professional CAD applications such as AutoCAD. PadCAD is designed with ease of use, speed, and mobility in mind, but it is not a complete CAD application. For small design or construction projects, it'll do just fine. PadCAD is ideal for general contractors, small construction companies, appraisers, and real estate professionals. People looking for a simple CAD application to help with small remodeling projects will find PadCAD to be the ideal drafting solution.

Dowland PadCAD /PadCAD APK or ipad here
PadCAD has a shallow learning curve and is specifically designed for people with little or no previous experience with CAD software or drafting applications. PadCAD does not require an internet connection, except when you export a drawing.