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AutoCAD Workbook for Architects and Engineers

Students need a book about drawing, not software, and this step-by-step guide provides the basics of creating a range of drawing types using a variety of AutoCAD commands and sequences. The focus of this book is on creating 2D drawings for technical and architectural design. It does not cover every AutoCAD command and the many options, variables, and command sequences contained within that command.

There are many excellent reference books on the market that cover these aspects of the AutoCAD program, and all of this information can be found in the program's Help file. Each chapter (or teaching module) contains a short introduction to the command and many exercises. Many students are unfamiliar with basic drawing types: working versus presentation drawings, orthographic versus painterly views, shear versus inverse shear, etc.

AutoCAD Workbook for Architects and Engineers Downlaod
This book shows you how to do all of this using "drills" for handling various situations. Each chapter introduces only a few commands, and each chapter has 4 to 20 exercises to illustrate how to use these commands. This book focuses on useful exercises for generating finished diagrams, with explanations of the software being secondary.