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A wide range of Autocad civil and architectural engineering projects

 I suggest to you a diverse and comprehensive library, integrated into an Autocad file that contains a very huge collection of all you need from Autocad drawing models, and what distinguishes them is that they are for civil projects, and they number more than 100 civil projects inside several files and are ready for download on the links Here

It is about files for the civil section, and another part is about construction files for armaments, etc., and the file contains various projects, including residential buildings or residential towers, as well as schools or hospitals, as well as a group of villa projects and many other projects Various engineering projects collection from here It includes files on a wide range of various engineering projects

Easy to navigate: Main and Sub categories
Construction sites, Concrete Sites, Steel Sites ,Scaffolding section, Rehabilitation and retrofitting, Temporary construction, Construction details, Walls ,RC Elements, Steel construction, Other Materials...