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building systems for interior designers

 The inspiration for building systems for interior designers came when I tried to teach interior design students all the ways buildings support our activities and physical needs, without adequate textbook. I needed an approach that took care of the interior designer's particular concerns, while connecting those issues to the work of the rest of the building design team. I had researched building systems in a number of excellent texts for students of architecture, engineering, and even hotel management, but I had found that none of these texts taught the necessary combination of related topics in sufficient depth without emphasizing calculations and formulas.

Building Systems for Interior Designers is primarily designed as a textbook for interior design students. The style aims for clarity, with concepts explained simply and delivered in everyday language. Sufficient technical information is provided to allow a thorough understanding of how a building works. The illustrations are numerous and designed to convey the information in a clear and visual way. I kept in mind the many students for whom English is a second language, as well as the technophobes common among us, when I wrote and illustrated this text. Throughout the book you will find special "Designer Tips". Look for this icon to find useful professional tips on a wide range of topics.