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Standard Sizes Of Columns In Structures

There are different types of columns such as wooden columns, RCC columns, etc. Nowadays, RCC columns are widely used in structures, so in this article I will discuss the sizes of RCC columns.
The minimum column size must not be less than 9 ”x9” for a one-story structure with M15 concrete (1: 2: 4).
If 9 "x 9" columns are to be used in a one and a half storey building, always use M20 concrete (1: 1.5: 3). If you are using M15 concrete for a one and a half storey structure, the column size should not be less than 12 "x9".
Distance between columns:
Try to maintain an equal distance between the centers of two columns. Always plan a column layout on a grid. The distance between two columns of size 9 "x9" must not exceed 4 m from center to center of column.
If larger barrier-free distances are required, larger columns should be used. The size of the columns should be increased for two reasons:
1. Increase the distance between two columns (this increases the dimensions of the columns as well as the depth of the beam).
2. Height of the building (the increase in the number of floors is directly proportional to the dimensions of the columns).
Column alignment:
A rectangular grid must be made to place the columns. This avoids errors and places the columns in the right conditions. The columns can preferably be arranged in two different modes:
1. In a straight line using a grid.
2. Circularly for circular buildings.
The table below shows a rough estimate of the size of the columns for multi-storey buildings
The below table shows different sizes of columns in structures: