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Best Furniture Design Apps(Android, iPhone, iPad)

There are a number of applications for furniture and interior design. However, make the most of it.
we'll look at the 3 best furniture design apps for Android and iOS.
Houzz is without a doubt the mother of all design inspirations. The app's database contains millions of carefully organized high-resolution images that are categorized.
With the Houzz app, you can see the products in 3D models before you buy them in order to have a clear vision of how furniture designs would fit into your space.
The app is freely available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.
Decor Matters is the tool for you. The app offers a very sleek and beautiful first impression. It’s also worth to mention that its interface is aesthetically pleasing.
In matters design, the app comes with pre-installed room templates such as dining room template, living room template, kitchen template and more.
the app gives you a handful of hints on which furniture items to include in your room. You can select your preferred furniture from the furniture catalog.
The app is only available for iOS devices.
Homestyler is a complete home design application. Designed for Android and iOS, the app lets you virtually decorate and design the interior of your dream home.
All you have to do is take a picture of the room you want to design and then use your smartphone as a virtual fitting booth to create your own 3D designs.
The app will also help you visualize the matching of curtains, chandeliers or wall colors with the rest of the room.