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New Design of Masonry Panels using Murfor Compact, bed reinforcement on a roll

As construction has become more competitive, the walls have become thinner than they were half a decade ago.
This caused problems for the designer, the contractor and the owner; there is less reserve of force to respond to movement for example. Non-clay walls tend to move due to changes in moisture content and, with certain combinations of shape and size, cracks appear in reinforced walls.
Murfor is the new generation of masonry reinforcement. Supplied in a roll, this reinforcement is extremely user-friendly and guarantees effective and lasting protection for your masonry, incorporated into bed joints, can virtually eliminate the development of unsightly cracks.
Thin walls are more difficult to justify for lateral loading, and Murfor can greatly help their ability to withstand such loading.
This system is lightweight product is more ergonomic to handle, improving the safety of our workers.