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DOUBLE WALLS (Double Wall Masonry)
Widely used to hide the structure avoiding fillers, it also offers greater resistance.
In addition, between the walls is a cavity that holds an air layer and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.
Yes, it is more expensive and there is a waste of usable space.
Masonry walls are built from the inside out. First the inner wall is seated, positioning the windows, electrical and hydraulic parts. After that, the outside wall should be made, leaving an occasional brick along the bottom row, so that the wall can be wet every day after work to remove excess grout (see photo 3).
The outer layer rows should never be higher than the inner layer rows, as water can flow through the joints into the inner wall, causing permanent infiltration problems.

facing the exterior wall
The thermal insulation must be correctly dimensioned in terms of thickness. About 40% of the energy is lost through the walls. Although there is less loss through the walls than windows, in general, this surface is always larger than the surface of the glazing, so it is important to pay attention to its insulation. The larger the glass surfaces, the greater the losses.
Regarding glazing, the replacement of single glass with double glass is undoubtedly an asset in terms of insulation (thermal and acoustic). Good quality windows with efficient window frames with thermal break, double glazing, air box between the windows must be invested.
Tips: It is also necessary to insulate the interior spaces, i.e. the walls which constitute a separation between useful (heated) spaces and non-useful spaces (i.e. unheated spaces , such as garages, storage in homes and prescriptions, traffic). common residential buildings).