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Grasscrete Load bearing permeable paving system

Grasscrete-Load-bearing permeable paving system 
Grasscrete is a permeable paving system that is an effective and easy solution to reduce stormwater runoff. and is a cast-on-site cellular reinforced concrete permeable paving system that is an effective Water Sensitive Design (WSD) solution to reduce impervious surfaces and promote infiltration.
is system  ideal for driveways and carparks and allows for a bigger footprint by replacing impervious surfaces with pervious.
Grasscrete is an ecological paving system designed to withstand strong spans. It is ideal for low traffic areas such as car parks, driveways and other applications such as weirs and erosion control.
This permeable paving system essentially allows the grass to grow between steel-reinforced concrete, mimicking natural processes and allowing rainwater to seep into the soil, infiltrating the soil and naturally filtered.
The amount of water that can be removed with a permeable pavement depends on the foundation soil.