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A program to perform a geometric drawing quickly

Fast Plans is a program of advanced CAD programs for those who do not want to deal with the Atocad program and wants to complete the engineering drawings on the fast is one of the programs that use many of the functions of drawing automation, including the features of the completion of simple engineering drawings and the requirements of rooms with all their requirements and floors And its precise details. It is also suitable for electric scanners and can be used in many other fields
Fast Plans
Key features
Plan Design: Fast Plans helps you quickly realize the plan of a house to build. To do this, simply enter the parameters of each room, the thickness of the external and internal wall, the size of windows, etc.
Opening: Fast Plans also allows you to set the location of the door and windows. It includes bookcases, stairwells and the location of the bathroom or fireplace so you do not struggle with these objects.