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steps for installation of rebar/reinforcement for the staircase

The process of building a staircase is huge and requires a lot of knowledge and work. Since the planning, the realization of a formwork, the establishment of the structure of rebar and the finishing (pour the concrete, to install the steps of wood, metal or glass, or any other material like finishing of stairs).
Installing a proper amount and structure of reinforcing bars is very important.Placement and installation of staircase reinforcement is forever perplexing for construction workers.
 Here steps for installation of rebar/reinforcement for the staircase.
1. Remove extended steel bars from the pedestal beam at the first steps of the staircase.
2. Marking of the bar and spacing in the staircase and alternating bending of the elongated bars from the base to the level of the pedestal (initial stairs of the staircase).
3. Splitting of alternative bars using additional reinforcing bars
4. Arrange the rebar on the receiving area
5. Attach reinforcing bars to the receiving area
6. Fixing the elongated rebar during the first steps of the staircase
7. Layout and lapping of the stair bar.
8. Link a stair bar with a distribution bar. 10. Twisting stair bars in the landing area.
9. Linking the roll bars to the receiving area.
10. Fixing and twisting the landing bar as a tension bar (at the junction of the stairs and the landing).
11. Attaching additional upper distribution reinforcement bars and tie-down work for the workers.
12-  Bending bar - extended for the next stair element.
13-  Preparation of the spacer hook between the extended bars to maintain a constant gap after bending.
14- Twist extended bar as upper bar (tension) at the beginning of the stairs. Workers (with instruments) bend stretched bars.
15- Attaching an extended extension bar with a top spread bar at the beginning of the step.
16-  Design of the chairs under the upper extended reinforcement bar at the first step of the stairs. Then some hard work done by workers.
17-  Layout of the cover block in several places.
18- Installation of stair bars.
This video shows a complete step-by-step demonstration of the rebar / reinforcement installation for RCC Stair Case.