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Geogrid use in road construction

What is Geogrid?
Geogrid materials are materials with square or rectangular spaces with high tensile and creep properties.
In many technical problems, natural soils pose weight and pressure problems. Geogrids are used at this stage and are used to strengthen the soil. by improving soil conditions, the load capacity increases and it is possible to work on the ground.
Different types of geogrids are available depending on the production process.
-Woven geogrids are symmetrical and asymmetrical polyethylene-lined composite materials with high strength polyester fibers up to 800 kN / m.
Another type of geogrid is ultrasonic welded geogrid which is composed of the composite having a tensile strength of 200 kN / m and is composed of high strength polyester fibers.
Why Use Geogrid for road construction?
• Subgrade Improvement
‐ Reduction of undercutting poor soils
‐ Provides a solid construction platform
‐ Protection of soft subgrade soils
• Pavement Base Reinforcement
‐ Stiffening aggregate base
‐ Reduction in pavement thickness
‐ Extended pavement life