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Professional application to find out the size of anything through your camera

It's one of the most powerful applications of professional life that I personally use that helped me write the dimensions of each piece so that I could buy the right furniture and flooring without having to look at the paper or redraw the pieces.
My measurements Dimensions A more professional application in the field of measurement required for engineers, architects, salesmen, construction agents, real estate agents, etc.
This program is specially designed so that the camera of the iPhone measures the dimensions of everything that passes through the lens of photography, where everything looks normal and beside measures such as height, width, height and much more ... 
All you have to do is take a picture of an object and add dimensions: arrows, angles, detail photos and equip it with comments in text form for easy comprehension.
Key features:
- Annotate photo with arrows, angles and text comments
- Include multiple detail photos
- Organize projects in folders
- Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
- Supports Fractions
Request 6$ has paid the price and you can download the app of My Measures Dimensions free version now free Regarding the devices, it is available from Andoid here  My Measures.