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Pile foundation construction procedure

Foundations represent structural elements that square measure applied to support columns and transmit masses to the soil beneath.
Pile foundation refers to a special form of deep foundation. Here, the depth of the inspiration is considerably quite the breadth of the inspiration.
Given below, the benefits of pile foundation :
1. To transmit a foundation load to a terra firma.
2. to resist each vertical, lateral and uplift load.a.
The sub-soil water table is extremely high which will simply influence alternative foundations.
a. The sub-soil water table is very high that can easily influence other foundations.
b. significant and uniform load is delivering to the soil from the structure.
c. wherever raft or grillage foundations square measure either terribly pricey or can't be enforced owing to native issues.
d. once timbering of the excavation trenches can’t be dead.
e. once it's unacceptable to retain the inspiration trenches in dry condition by pumping owing to Brobdingnagian flow of leak or capillary water.
f. once the soil situated below is soggy and compressive. laborious firm strata is found at the next depth.
g. once the structure is found on or close to sea-shore or stream bed and foundations square measure subject to be excavated owing to the action of water.
h. Pile foundations square measure terribly effective within the formation of piers, docks, or alternative marine structures like fender piles.
i. Pile foundation may be used as anchors.

In this Video the details of Piles foundation which its construction Procedure, Types of Piles Foundations, Group of Piles.