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curing of concrete, period of curing , curing methods

In this article, we will discuss the cure of concrete, its whey polymerization and its reason.
why curing concrete:
we know that the b / w reaction of cement and water is called hydration.
It is an exothermic reaction that releases heat therefore after adding water to the concrete, its initial hydration process makes the concrete dry due to an exothermic reaction that frees the core from the concrete mixture.
when start the concrete curing?
we must apply the water for a few days on the concrete surface after it is taken.
what is the period of curing concrete?
The minimum cure period for concrete to reach maximum strength is 28 days.
see the picture below for the concrete period
in the above chart can we erase, the concrete can get a 50% strength when we hardened the concrete for 3 to 7 days, and its compressive strength gain of 75% after 14 days and a resistance at 90% can be reached after 28 days.
We treated the concrete for given purposes
we hardened the concrete because of its chemical reaction between cement and water.
-To make good size and shape of concrete member
-For the atmospheric temperature
-For the grade of concrete.
-Specify the strength of the concrete.
we can use the given method to keep the concrete wet.
1) fixing method:
this method we can use in the floor slab. We use in this method a small pond on a slab to keep the slab moist.
2) wet coating
This method is suitable for concrete structures on which we can not build a pond, but we use it especially for the columns, the footings and the lower surface of the slabs. We also use backpacks to keep the concrete wet.