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Jordanian Designer Innovative tent for refugees harnesses renewable energy

Jordanian engineer Abeer Saigli has designed a tent that is the first of its kind, where it created a solution to the problem of supplying electric power inside the tents, this tent can and through its innovative engineering design to absorb solar energy and converted to electrical energy stored in special batteries, In addition, the tent can collect and store rainwater for later use.
The engineer explained the engineering method and the tools that she used to build these smart tents. She said that the goal of building this design came in the wake of natural disasters and world wars,
Which has produced millions of displaced people around the world who have found no place to go except tents. Traditional tents, however, do not provide them with the most important needs and daily necessities such as water and electricity. Unlike new tents designed to provide heat, water and electricity, The tent features a light weight that is easy to carry and move from place to place, thanks to the structural fabric from which it was constructed.
and is currently producing a prototype of the Bedouin-inspired tent that was one of the winners of the prestigious Lexus Design Award in 2013.