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Cap PILE DESIGN and Construction

A pile cap may be a thick concrete mat that rests on concrete or timber piles that are driven into soft or unstable ground to supply an acceptable stable foundation.
It usually forms a part of the muse of a building, usually a multi-story building, structure or support base for significant instrumentality. The solid concrete pile cap distributes the load of the building into the piles.
-Determine number of pile
-Details for reinforcement
-Pile cap arrangement and plane dimension
-Pile cap preliminary depth
-Check forces in piles
-check for shear and design of moment ,bond
• Shape of pile cap.
• Depth of pile cap.
• Amount of steel to be provided.
• Arrangement of reinforcement.
Cap PILE CAP DESIGN Sheet : Downlaod Sheet Cap PILE CAP DESIGN
Shape and Size of Pile Caps
The shape and plan dimensions of the pile cap depends on the amount of piles within the cluster and also the spacing between every pile. the foremost common shapes of pile caps square measure shown in figure below.
The Federation of pile Specialists counsel the subsequent most helpful pile cap depths for a slew of pile diameters as incontestable in following table: