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World Largest Crawler Crane

Biggest crane in the world tonnage of 4000 tons. Chinese company XCMG industry, one of the
largest heavy equipment manufacturing companies in the world
With a height of 118 metres, diameter of 14.4. metres and total load weight of 1,680 tonnes, the XGC88000 uses 108 metres heavy boom and 33 metres fixed jib to lift the column at a radius of 30 metres. It is the only mobile hoisting equipment available in the world that can perform this integrated lifting.
A XGW1100, 1,000 tonnes tailing dragging equipment is used as the tailing equipment while the XGC88000 holds and lift the column into vertical position. After four hours of operation, the column is steadily erected on the construction base while the crowd applause on the completion of the daunting hoist.