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Free application to measure what you want and accurately

Do you have a construction project that would like to take measurements without much effort and with acceptable results?
You want to know the area and the lengths.Today, it is easily available to you through a range of applications that use enhanced reality technologies
The AirMeasure - AR Tape & Ruler application, which can be used on your phone to help you by lifting your camera to what you want to measure, lets you measure the distance, space and different lengths of the picture.
This application allows users of Android and iPhone phones and can accurately measure a specific thing or measure something small on the screen And it can help you to do all the small installations inside the house of the decorations and take measurements ... It contains several free measuring tools and includes several methods combined in one application such as:
Gauges gives you several freeware and includes several methods combined into one application such as:
- Ruler of different measurements
- Burdens for measuring geometrical angles
- Measuring the level of the surface and this is a good and interesting for those interested in the decoration and construction sector.
The application for Android can be downloaded from the Pocket Ruler - Measurement Tool for iPhone devices from here