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An application to record and find out the size of anything on your phone's camera

Photo by Nutek our memories It misleads the best of the embodiment and reflects the reality in minute detail, but why not use it to trick our field output, which are often required to take notes and drawings may be complex It requires a lot of effort to draw all its details.
And here comes the idea of purely applications that help us to record all our measurements and observations on the images.
With this application you do not need to take your graphics on paper, but draw directly on the images and add the shares of dimension and angles and boxes of text directly to the image and other features that you can discover through your download of the application is available on the Android

Apply ON Dimension Store Store from free smart applications and is an indispensable tool for construction workers, engineers, architects, surveyors, and real estate agents ... through which you can take photos or work on pre-existing images and add all dimensions and write all the required orders and can even Send it to anyone or share it with everyone