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A CAD application that allows you to do a diagram and design a house

OrthoGraph Architect is a CAD application that allows you to do a diagram of a place where you can draw separate rooms and then link the rooms together or draw the entire outline and add your note as if you were drawing using paper and pen.
The program is designed primarily for architects, civil engineers, decorators, surveyors and utility managers. However, dealing with the program is very easy and these are some of the main features of the program
- gives you a detailed shape of the structure of the building as a whole.
- Can handle unlimited number of rooms.
- You can write the notes you want to write and make sketches of rooms as if you are using paper
- You can write different spaces on rooms.
- Adjusts the drawing according to calculated distance.
Some benefits the program provides to different users
1. For engineers
Adjusts the measurements when making any modification to the drawing without having to make an adjustment to the whole drawing.
Do not forget any measurements as it is very accurate.
2 - For decorators
Measure places that will benefit you only in your work.
Helps you design your model very quickly designing homes and apartments.
 You can learn more about it and download it from OrthoGraph Architect