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Top 5 Structure Design Softwares

1) SAP 2000

Undoubtedly one of the most widely used and trusted software for analysis of general structure. SAP 2000 is the most reliable and user friendly software.


 is perhaps the most easy to use software for designing multistory buildings, it is powerful and accurate.

3) RAM Structural System
Ram structural system is only for designing multistory buildings. It is one power full software for mutlistory building design but some of the short comings like lack of torsion design of beam put this software behind ETABS

4) Midas GEN and Civil

 with recent modifications and up gradation of this software, I see this software soon making its way to the top, its easy, and power full, the best thing about this software is the technical support and the help.

5) STAAD pro

when Bentley acquired STAAD pro, i think that is where the legacy of STAAD pro ended, once it was the most taught software in universities around the world, but i hardly see it any where now. STAAD pro use to update the package every year. but for last three years since bentley owned it, it never got any modification or bug fixing.