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Excellent application for measuring distances and angles in an innovative way

Through our adherence to our blogs, we have introduced a range of applications that measure courses, dimensions and even angles, most of which rely on the phone or infrared camera for measurements.
Today, one of the new applications in this area is the Moasure application, which is considered an easy-to-use tool that provides two important functions:
- The phone can be used as a ruler to measure distances or as a measuring tape up to 100 meters
- Can be used as an extension to measure angles between two points.
The idea of the application is to measure the distances by moving the phone from the first point to the second and based on the accelerometers and gyroscope available in the phone, and depends on the mechanism of sports, the accelerometer to calculate the extent of transmission of the phone between points.
Finally, the Moasure application is available through the Store Store at $ 2.99 and can be downloaded at 50 MB from here