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PocketMeter is a program for measuring distances

Is a program for the iPhone will be able through this program to measure the length of anything you want through the iPhone, whether a person or a wall or a certain space the way the program is inspired by the radar or bat where the program will broadcast audio signals to the body that you want to measure and then will conduct It is complicated to calculate the length and then will provide accurate results.

PocketMeter allows you to measure distances, such as the length and width of a room or the height of the wall and the like, by sending a voice from the iPhone and waiting for echo to show you the distance on the screen.
You can apply the app to the Itunes.apple store
The program can measure distances from 8 inches (20 cm) to 13 feet (4 meters), and you can choose the type of account (feet / meters) and see the details of the program's work.