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The most powerful applications of enhanced reality for taking measurements and mapping

Since the integration of the enhanced reality technology and we are receiving a new generation of arkit applications, which can be used by architects and engineers in any field. Among the new applications that employ this technology is the unique application of the population PLNAR is the new application for iOS for iPhone and iPad - Which can map any surface the user wants to measure dimensions is to draw a room in minutes.
The application enables its users to use the phone to measure the dimensions around them and give you all the measurements for your project measuring the tiles, floors or walls and can be employed in other works of architecture engineering or employment in field sales and interior designs.
With PLNAR, you can measure walls and room areas to create a floor plan. Mix multiple rooms into 
one projects, export your project dimensions, or just save them to your device.
The advantages of:
- Generate measurements of any room or wall
- Access to room space and room perimeter measurements
- Get the wall surface
- Attach images to the project - Create a PDF report and share it with friends, designers or business people
The application was released with professional features that make it rival the most powerful applications in this field. It is referred to as free application works on iPhone and iPad devices and can be tested here