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The application allows you to solve any handwritten mathematical equation by photographing them

The first application lets you solve and visualize math issues by taking handwritten images. It offers a great array of mathematical services, free and enjoyable learning aids for math students, and detailed steps to solve mathematical equations before giving you results.
Mathpix has support for arithmetic, fractions, algebraic equations, roots, logarithms, trigonometry, integrals, derivatives, and infinite series. We're even going to be rolling out support for linear algebra, matrices, and multi-line equations soon.
Application application supports solving and calculating algebraic equations, roots, logarithms, trigonometry, integration, derivatives ...
 It also shows you step-by-step solutions to calculus questions, guiding you to solve with simple and effective instructions, and all you can need as a student and features the Desmos feature to provide the best interactive graphics.
Apply Mathpix to Android and Phones on Google Play Store.